24. októbra 2021

PackSaddle 2016

  Last year I managed a visit up to Packsaddle cave but it was mid summer and I headed up a bit late in the day which made for a too warm trip. Well honestly it was hot but I survived. This year I joined a local hiking group and they wisely headed…


End of Summer

Well I guess it’s official, summer has once more come and gone. I’m back in school juggling classes and work so no adventurous outings for awhile. As I previously posted though I did have a final trip this Labor Day weekend. I once more loa…


Weekend BBQ at Cave City

I wouldn’t normally drive nearly 300 miles for a BBQ but when the opportunity includes a chance to catch up with some caving friends I haven’t seen in a while and do some sightseeing well why not? I loaded the motorcycle and headed north. I…