19. januára 2022

Cueva Larga Jeff Style (no dancing)

Here are some of the pictures I took in Cueva Larga Sunday.  It’s a big cave and a kilometer long.  I was impressed.  As in Katrina’s post though I am haunted by the starving kittens and animals.  You have to be heartless to live here.  I will come back to this spot again though.  There are just to many caves in the area. What Katrina failed to mention was that we found another cave just off of the trail to Larga.  It’s much much smaller but still a nice find.  It’s been visited before but not a bunch.  It needs to be mapped. It was hot and humid both inside and outside of the cave.  Just the mile walk to the cave is exhausting.  Winter is coming so things may get drier.  

Just about the only way I can take pictures is to „paint“ with my flashlight.  I open the shutter for about 4 seconds.  My camera has moisture in it so it doesnt work so well.  Also, as all cameras with a built in flash, the flash makes the moisture reflect and you have all these spots in the photo.  Not so with painting.  But with painting the pictures can be blurry and they take time to set up.

 This is a Palm tree leaf!  Many of us ran into it.  The tree was laying across the trail and it looked like a regular palm tree.  The trunk of the tree also had these spines and that is what got us.  I still have some in my leg.