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29 mája 2018

Prehistoric teeth dating back two million years reveal details on Africa’s paleoclimate

New research shows that the climate of the interior of southern Africa almost two million years ago was much wetter than the modern environment. This first extensive paleoenvironmental sequence for the interior of southern Africa suggests that
26 mája 2018

Dachstein Massif Geology Intro

Pangaea began separating into the Eurasian and African tectonic plates, among others, in the Jurassic period about 200+ million years ago (ma), forming a seaway called the Tethys Sea (aka Alpine Tethys, aka Neotethys) that was several
8 mája 2018

BCRA 29th Cave Science Symposium 2018

British Cave Research Association 29th Cave Science Symposium Saturday 13th October, 2018, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol FIRST CIRCULAR & CALL FOR ABSTRACTS The British Cave Research Association is pleased to announce det...
23 apr 2018

NSS Grotto Meetings

I have attended quite a number of National Speleological Society (NSS) grotto meetings over my half-century of caving. Most of them were with the Florida Speleological Society (FSS), but more recently also with the Flittermouse Grotto (FMG)
10 apr 2018

Dinosaurs in Pismo

When looking for a way to escape the weather in the central valley we have two choices the mountains or the coast since the mountains have a tendency to be covered in white stuff in winter my
5 apr 2018

The ban of the cave bear

At 3.5 meters long and with a shoulder height of 1.7 meters, the cave bear was one of the giants of the Ice Age. Yet few appear to have survived until the last glacial maximum 24,000 to
4 apr 2018

Jenolan Caves

Part of the International Congress of Speleology is the Wednesday field trips, these could be geology field trips, general site seeing, recreation or I was happy to see for this year a trip to a wonderful cave
18 mar 2018

Rope contest

The most democratic international competitions for cavers Historical Foreword Such a new format in running competition while people taking part in an international tournament without leaving their country, their city or even their apartments, was com...
11 mar 2018

Fotosintesi “conservata nella penombra” – Cina

Una pubblicazione a cura di ricercatori del Kew Royal Botanic Gardens (mezz’oretta da Londra centrale) insieme all’istituto botanico di Guangxi e pubblicato recentemente sul giornale scientifico PLOS ONE è stato settimana scorsa ripreso anc...
3 mar 2018

Balkan Cavers Camp 2018

BALKAN CAVERS CAMP'2018  Dear Balkan cavers! We are happy to announce that the 12 -th BALKAN CAVERS CAMP 2018 will take place in  Romania from 2 to 8 July  2018  and will be organized by the colleagues from Romanian Federat...