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4 apr 2018

Jenolan Caves

Part of the International Congress of Speleology is the Wednesday field trips, these could be geology field trips, general site seeing, recreation or I was happy to see for this year a trip to a wonderful cave
11 mar 2018

Fotosintesi “conservata nella penombra” – Cina

Una pubblicazione a cura di ricercatori del Kew Royal Botanic Gardens (mezz’oretta da Londra centrale) insieme all’istituto botanico di Guangxi e pubblicato recentemente sul giornale scientifico PLOS ONE è stato settimana scorsa ripreso anc...
3 mar 2018

Balkan Cavers Camp 2018

BALKAN CAVERS CAMP'2018  Dear Balkan cavers! We are happy to announce that the 12 -th BALKAN CAVERS CAMP 2018 will take place in  Romania from 2 to 8 July  2018  and will be organized by the colleagues from Romanian Federat...
13 feb 2018

Bats as barometer of climate change

Bats spend every night hard at work for local farmers, consuming over half of their own weight in insects, many of which are harmful agricultural pests, such as the noctuid moths, corn earworm and fall armyworm. And
7 feb 2018

New research reveals plant wonderland inside China’s caves

Over five years (2009-2014) researchers have delved into the depths of some of China's most unexplored and unknown caves in the largest ever study on cave floras. Surveying over 60 caves in the Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan
18 jan 2018

Tecnologie spaziali per l’esplorazione di grotte planetarie

Pit, Skylights, Lava Tubes, Sinuous Rills: cosí si chiamano i “buchi” nello spazio. Non tutti sono grotte o tubi di lava. Circa 300 i “pit” individuati sulla luna con immagini del satellite LRO, la maggior parte si
4 jan 2018

Quando (senza saperlo) abbiamo rilevato dipinti rupestri tra i più antichi al mondo

Riporto qui sotto, per pura semplicità, una mail che mi è arrivata dal nostro Adriano ” Felice Anno a tutti. Pochi giorni fa l’amico Franco Viviani, l’antropologo che ci aveva affiancato nelle spedizioni nelle Filippine (Sagada’...
2 jan 2018

Simposio UIS: “to know and share caves and karts” Understanding, conservation and geotourism

Dal 6 all’8 marzo 2018 in Ardeche, Francia. Caves and karsts are specific ecosystems, that are more or less well known. They constitute environmental archives, geological and cultural heritages, important to understand a part of the story of
18 dec 2017

In the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau: Researchers unveil the secret of the Blue Hole stalactite

In 1970, Jacques Cousteau and his team recovered an unusual stalactite from the depths of the Caribbean Sea. Now a geoscientist explains what it reveals about our climate since the last ice age.
11 dec 2017

Invitation to cooperation for speleological expeditions in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia

Maps of expedition Kyrgyzstan There are no professional speleologists in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian countries, but there are a large number of unexplored karst areas. Therefore, we invite all interested speleologists to take part in joint research in...