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Monthly Archive:: júl 2015

26 júla 2015

Video: The Geology of Ogof Ffynnon Ddu

Learn about the geological features of England's Ogof Ffynnon Ddu National Nature Reserve with Dr. Keith Ball, a retired British Geological Survey geologist and life-long speleologist.
25 júla 2015

Video: Divers Experience Malta’s Billinghurst Cave

Visit inside Billinghurst Cave, a large underwater sea cave along the coast of Malta that has very little natural light thanks to a dip in the middle.
24 júla 2015

Mammoths Killed by Abrupt Climate Change

Abrupt warming, that closely resembles the rapid man-made warming occurring today, is being credited as a major factor in repeated mass extinction events of large animals.
24 júla 2015

Human Skull in Sinkhole Prompts Homicide Investigation

Police are investigating at a Kentucky sinkhole after a human skull was spotted inside on Tuesday.
24 júla 2015

Watch: Cave Divers Explore Pandora Cave

Visit inside a recently discovered underwater cave covered with bacterial straws and webs, which rain down on the divers with every exhalation.
23 júla 2015

Telegraph Article Promotes the Adventure and Camaraderie of Caving

Folks are encouraged to try caving, the ultimate activity for those with a sense of adventure, in a recent article in The Telegraph.
23 júla 2015

Video: TAG Multi Drop Caving in Hang ‘Em High Cave

Watch as a group of young cavers explore Tennessee's Hang Em’ High Cave during a past Sewanee Mountain Cave Fest event.
23 júla 2015

Turistika v roku 2014

Foto z turistických akcií od októbra 2014 a začiatok roku 2015 nájdete vo fotogalérii, ale len výber. Október z Podhradia na Jarabu skalu 1169 m, Biela skala 1135 m a na Veľký Grič do Handlovej. November z Dolných Vesteníc
21 júla 2015

Bat disease: Yeast byproduct inhibits white-nose syndrome fungus in lab experiments

A microbe found in caves produces a compound that inhibits Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats, researchers report. The finding could lead to treatments that kill the fungus while minimizing disruption to ca...
19 júla 2015

56. Jaskyniarsky týždeň Malá Fatra-Varín

Upozornernie Registračné formuláre na Jaskyniarsky týždeň môžete posielať aj po termíne 30.6. 2015 . Jaskyniari, ktorí sa chcú ubytovať v  chatkách, bungalovoch  by mali nahlásiť ubytovanie čo najskôr prenajímateľom autocampingu, /viď-informačný obežní...