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Monthly Archive:: december 2014

13 dec 2014

Akcia v Mikiho dóme

( Peter Šuster, Štefan Šuster, Martin Škorvánek, Denis Bártoš, Ján Šimaliak, Igor Pap) ( 5, 6, 7. 12. 2014 ) Už je neskoro! Následne udalosti sa už nedajú zvrátiť. Martinovi som dal zelenú
11 dec 2014

Hollow Ridge Cave Gating

The State of Florida is building a public hiking trail very close to Hollow Ridge Cave, thus exposing its decorated, biologically important grottoes to potential vandalism. This cave is like many others in the Florida Panhandle in
4 dec 2014

‘Non-echolocating’ fruit bats actually do echolocate, with wing clicks

In a discovery that overturns conventional wisdom about bats, researchers have found that Old World fruit bats -- long classified as 'non-echolocating' -- actually do use a rudimentary form of echolocation. Perhaps most surprisingly, the clicks they